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Aside from raising puppies, there are some services that we offer here at GCP.

Stud Service - Looking to add color to your breeding program? Or already have color in your program but you just need that perfect stud. Our health tested and color DNA packed Males are available for public stud. 

Fresh Chilled Semen available to ship overnight to anywhere in the US.

Local in person stud available contingent on approval from a reliable reproductive clinic.

Frozen semen available to ship worldwide through a reproductive clinic.

Artificial Insemination - Unable to perform artificial insemination yourself? We can do it for you for a small fee, travel expenses will cost extra.


Semen Collection - Stud unable to perform a natural tie? Or have somebody that wants to use your stud that is not local? We can take semen collection for you.

Pregnancy Verification - Sometimes, when a female dog goes into heat, their body tricks itself into a false pregnancy. This happens quite often when they have tied with a male but for some reason there was no conception. Or maybe your female was breed but you don't see any signs of pregnancy. When a female dog is breed successfully, their body will create a hormone called relaxin. Approximately 28 days after Tie or AI we will take a small blood sample and test for this hormone.

Microchipping - It can be devastating losing your fur babies. A microchip is the best way to make sure that if you do they make it back to you. We can install a microchip in your beloved pets. Our microchips come with lifetime registration.

Need other services for your canine friend that we have not listed? inquire with us, we may be able to help, if not we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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